At 2,400 words, Callie Robles’ Punished by Daddy is definitely more reward than punishment.

Setting the Scene

Our protagonist Chelsea is visiting her father’s home while on break from college. She comes home early in the morning; something her father doesn’t approve of. He accuses her of having sex with boys. She denies it, claiming to still be a virgin. Seeking to punish her for lying, he reveals his manhood. Excited at the prospect of her father taking her virginity, Chelsea leads him to the bedroom where incest ensues.

What I Liked About It

Though short, I found it a pleasant addition to my evening reading. While a sudden propensity for incest by two previously uninterested parties is always a little hard to believe, the author succeeds at bringing the short fantasy to life.

What Could Have Been Better

The father, whom we know only as Daddy, is referred to as such… quite a lot.

Repeating words for titillation is common within erotic works, but it shouldn’t be.

With a title like Punished by Daddy, we can assume father-daughter incest is the kink in question. It’s not strange that the author would use Daddy liberally. However, using a fetish word too much in such a short span of time, can cause it to lose its potency, and even worse, pull the reader out of the story.

I would have liked to hear some other words in place of Daddy. Father, perhaps? Maybe a few more personal pronouns?

Anastasia’s Parlor Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I give Callie Robles’ Punished by Daddy four stars, because while it’s not perfect, I’ll definitely come back to it at a later date. From what I can tell, this is one of the author’s earlier works, so she may have fined-tuned her methods.

You can read this, and Callie Robles’ other works here.

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