At just over 7,500 words, short work of taboo erotic fiction has a little bit of everything: incest, BDSM, anal, fluid exchange, and a hint of breeding.

What Drew Me In

My own dark fantasy series Beloved, starts out in the early 1800’s. Naturally, I have a soft spot for Victorian romance and erotica. Father Fulfills All of My Fantasies by Ona Dare, is set in Victorian London.

Setting the Scene

Our protagonists are Amelia and her father. We find out early on that the pair have been harboring secret feelings for each other.

The book begins with the young, naive Amelia confessing her dark desires to her father, and things progress from there.

Her devoted patron decides to spend the next few days instructing her in the arts of domination and submission. Their desire for one another is ravenous, and their willingness to please each other ensures the reader will remain thoroughly fixed on what transpires.

What I Loved About It

While I usually prefer a bit of development before my characters get down and dirty, the pace seems perfect for this particular short story. Amelia’s sexual education by her father ensures that you’re never bored. There’s always something dirtier to try, and our characters are ready and willing.

While the nature of BDSM ensures there will be some trash-talking here and there, for the most part, Amelia and her father seem to truly love each other; and that makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

It’s a love story throughout, complete with a romantic, happy ending, which made me smile.

What Could Have Been Better

Before I offer a critique, I think you should know that as a matter of nerosis, I am logical to a fault. Everything has to make sense; there must be a logical explanation for why events unfold as they do.

My only issue with Father Fulfills All of My Fantasies, is that Ameilia has some very specific sexual desires, that many people in the modern world aren’t aware of. It seems unlikely that a young, wealthy woman in Victorian England, would know much, if anything about BDSM.

Amelia explains to her father that she heard men speaking these things in the stables, where she was hiding.

Having spent many childhood hours hiding in the hayloft of a horse stable to eavesdrop as a child in my own life, I can assure you, your average stable-hand doesn’t go into detail about his sexual experiences or desires with the lads out in the barn.

But that’s really it; a minor continuity issue, and really, it’s just my own hangup.

Anastasia’s Parlor Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I give Father Fulfills All of My Fantasies five stars, because it fulfilled a few of mine, and I’ll definitely come back to it at a later time.

If you’re new to BDSM, I highly recommend taking a peek, as it will give you a quick rundown of the fun things you can try.

You can check out this, and Ona Dare’s other books here.

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