This 5,000 word short story works as both erotica and fantasy, despite being more Aanni Mallov and less lion.

What Drew Me In

I liked the premise of the young Aanni Mallov, who excretes a universal pheromone that attracts males of all species. To escape the constant sexual attention of the men and animals around her, she heads off to Africa, presumably because she thinks there are fewer men and animals there, where she will encounter a lion.

* The remainder of the review includes spoilers.

Setting the Scene

Aanni heads off to the African bush; specifically, to a remote preserve, where satellite images have indicated few animals and human activity.

Armed with some clothespins and a handful of weapons, she bids farewell to her family, who are oddly alright with their daughter heading out to Africa on her own.

Once there, she seeks out a driver and lands herself in some trouble. She’s saved by a Khari, a young, handsome African who drives her out to the bush.

After the obligatory afternoon of pleasure, Khari heads home, leaving Aanni to fend for herself.

She does so flawlessly, or so we must assume, as she seems to have no trouble building shelter, finding water, and hunting for herself.

On a trip to a watering hole, she encounters a lion. With no weapons to fend him off, she’s forced to play nice. As expected, her universal pheromone saves the day.

They do it. A lot.

The end.

What I Liked About It

I enjoyed Aanni Mallov and the Lion. I thought it was well written, and it works as a short fantasy with a touch of erotica.

What Could Have Been Better

The title suggests a story about Aanni and a lion, but there wasn’t much lion in the story. Aanni’s lion makes it’s appearance about 75% of the way into the story, which was disappointing.

Malaw Hule is an excellent writer, and had the ability to tell a longer story with a bit more lion.

A better title might have been, Aanni Goes to Africa, or, Aanni’s Sex Safari. I don’t know, but I wouldn’t have had lion anywhere in the title, as he was just a small part of the story.

I would have loved more lion. I would have like to have known what happened to Aanni Mallov and the lion after their first romp in the bush. Did they continue to do it after she stopped ovulating (the driving factor in her pheromone excretion)? Did they go on many more African adventures? Did he have to protect her from roving prides of lionesses? Did he expect her to chase down impala for him, the way a lioness would?

I’ll never know, because the story ends shortly after Aanni and the Lion start to do it.

One other thing: Aanni describes the lion’s tongue licking her pudendum as a pleasurable experience. This would be impossible, as lion’s tongues are so course they can lick meat from bones. So, the idea that she found his affections arousing was a little hard to believe.

Anastasia’s Parlor Rating

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I give Aanni Mallov and the Lion three and a half stars. I couldn’t give it three, because it was well written and works as short fiction with a hint of eros. But I also couldn’t give it four, because it was a smidgen unbelievable, and there was tragically less lion than what the title suggested.

Nevertheless, it’s a decent read. Check it, and Malaw Hule’s other work out here.

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