My Trip to India

At 66, I felt a bit like the father of the hiking community when I hiked around Mont Blanc earlier this fall. But the Tour du Mont Blanc is doable for any reasonably fit hiker, and there were plenty of people on the trail who were older than me.

For total novices like Shelley and me, it’s wise to be proactive about health and safety. Here are some tips I learned along the way:

Good boots, liner socks, slippery powder, and moleskin for tender skin are essential. We kind of became gear geeks — investing in good day bags (Osprey), woolen clothes (socks, underwear, shirts), and great hiking shoes. I was never so thankful for a wool cap in Europe.

Keeping with the theme of travelling domestically within Canada this summer, it is time for another unique stay, this time a tiny container house in Toronto!

That’s right, for this city escape we didn’t actually have to leave the Greater Toronto Area. Sam and I packed our bags and drove across the city for the easiest getaway ever, where we spent two days hiking, roasting marshmallows, and star-gazing.

I can hardly believe this was only 50 minutes from home!

Tiny Container House in Toronto

The place we chose was a shipping container turned tiny home tucked into a little pocket of greenery in Scarborough, not too far from the Toronto Zoo and Rouge National Urban Park.

The interior of the tiny home was very much open concept. On one end, there was a queen-sized bed pushed right up against a large circular window that looked out into the woods. There were two smaller windows on either side of the bed that provided some airflow – much needed in the middle of summer!

This tiny home had a wood-burning stove that we didn’t turn on, but it’d be ideal for stays during the cooler months. There was a small seating area with folding chairs that we moved outdoors to the deck, and we also had a mini kitchen area with a foot-pump sink.

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